I’ve been a bit busy

I’ve been a bit busy Hey everyone! How have you all been? First off, I would like to apologize for my inactivity lately here. I’ve been a bit busy on social media lately and have neglected my personal blog here. You might also see that the layout is once again different because I am very […]

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Welcome to Marsala City!

Welcome to Marsala City! Hello everyone and welcome to Marsala City, home to Quote and his many friends. Throughout the next few days, we’ll be taking a deep look into this floating city. Danger lurks around every corner and learning to navigate through this large maze will be essential to avoiding trouble! From a distance, […]

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Stay Tuned for Quote’s Unremarkable Life

stay tuned for quote's unremarkable life

Stay tuned for Quote’s Unremarkable Life Hi everyone! I thought about releasing the fifth episode to Quote’s Unremarkable Life, I had decided to scrap it the episode. The thing is, I want to redo Quote’s series from the very beginning due to having a better understanding of the world I want to create. What does […]

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