World Mental Health Day

We’ll all get through this together! Please do not give in.

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Stay Tuned for Quote’s Unremarkable Life

stay tuned for quote's unremarkable life

Stay tuned for Quote’s Unremarkable Life Hi everyone! I thought about releasing the fifth episode to Quote’s Unremarkable Life, I had decided to scrap it the episode. The thing is, I want to redo Quote’s series from the very beginning due to having a better understanding of the world I want to create. What does […]

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I’d Like to Give a Shout Out to Denelia Storm!

I’d Like to Give a Shout Out to Denelia Storm! I’d Like to Give a Shout Out to Denelia Storm! Denelia Storm runs a lifestyle blog talking about many interests such as Fall decor or many posts geared toward teenagers and parents. I collaborated with them, writing a post called The Calming Effects of Drawing. […]

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Changing Priorities

Changing Priorities With my blog Happier Times, I want to create art for people to enjoy. I want to focus on things that I love which includes writing and drawing up stories. With that said, I don’t think I’ll be doing any more review post and instead focusing all of my time and energy into […]

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Cyrus, The Sunflower Dog

Cyrus, The Sunflower Dog Yesterday at work I drew the dog from earlier this week in several poses and liked the way it turned out. His design is still a work in progress for my upcoming webcomic but I hope you all enjoy it! As of right now, his name will be Cyrus, the sunflower […]

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