Introducing The Mean Spirited Nina

Introducing The Mean Spirited Nina Introducing “the mean spirited Nina”. It is not just any nickname. Nina can be fierce when it comes to monsters around her. She has a short temper and a fiery personality enough to light a match. Due to this aggression, she spends most of her time at the gym on […]

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Meet Quote!

Meet Quote, the main character of the upcoming webcomic A Beautiful Monstrous Rhapsody! Followers of Happier Times may recognize this character of mine from another post I did a while back titled Clone Wars.

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“The Three Amigos”

“The Three Amigos” Entertainment plays a huge role for the various monsters within Marsala City. If certain monsters don’t have access to their movies or casinos, things can get hectic very fast! Some monsters have even rampaged through the city, causing fights in their path. Luckily, a special casino offers the best entertainment around (when […]

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