The Ravishing Cyrus and GumGum

The Ravishing Cyrus and GumGum

The Ravishing Cyrus and GumGum

Here we are. The final two main characters of A Beautiful Monstrous Rhapsody! Meet the Ravishing Cyrus and GumGum! Let’s start with Cyrus who I’m sure many of you know already know Cyrus as he appeared a while ago before the webcomic was announced. Cyrus is known for his exhausting amount of colors and wardrobe choices. Seriously, I honestly regret Cyrus’s design just a tad bit, and he’s my least favorite character to draw out of the entire cast.

That’s not me saying I hate his character—No! I love what Cyrus has become from my drafts. He’s goofy, playful and most importantly, bighearted! His model has more elements to it for little ol’ lazy me.

Now GumGum, THAT’S an easy-to-draw design we could all get behind! GumGum is Cyrus’s pet slime he has had for years now and I didn’t want to get too heavy with his design. I envisioned a simple creature that monsters would own if they were real and my first thought was a slug. That slug became what GumGum is now and I’m quite happy with it.

Though GumGum doesn’t speak the language monsters can speak, Cyrus can fully understand him due to the two being longtime friends. Quote tries his best but utterly fails in this department…

Anyway, thank you all for reading and I would love if you’d guys stop by and check out my other articles: Meet Quote!, Introducing The Mean Spirited Nina, The Kindhearted Mindy, and finally A Beautiful Monstrous Rhapsody. As always, thank you for reading!

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