Introducing The Mean Spirited Nina

Introducing The Mean Spirited Nina

Introducing The Mean Spirited Nina

Introducing “the mean spirited Nina”. It is not just any nickname. Nina can be fierce when it comes to monsters around her. She has a short temper and a fiery personality enough to light a match. Due to this aggression, she spends most of her time at the gym on a quest to defeat Gemini, the Genie, her mentor.

However, she can have a soft spot when needed. For example, she protects Mindy, her best friend, at all costs. Which conflicts with Quote. More on that when A Beautiful Monstrous Rhapsody finally drops!

Nina (And a Small Update)

I’m unsure where the inspiration for Nina’s design came from, to be honest. I remember wanting to draw some cute but tough, doing a bunch of scribbles and finally popping her out from the deepest parts of my mind.

Unlike the other characters, she doesn’t have a musical album associated with her as she was more of an on the fly type of character. Overall, I’m very staisfied with how she turned out.

If you enjoyed this, please be sure to check out A Beautiful Monstrous Rhapsody announcement from earlier this week, The Main Four, and Nina’s Downtime! Thank you for reading!

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