“The Three Amigos”

“The Three Amigos”

Entertainment plays a huge role for the various monsters within Marsala City. If certain monsters don’t have access to their movies or casinos, things can get hectic very fast! Some monsters have even rampaged through the city, causing fights in their path. Luckily, a special casino offers the best entertainment around (when monsters aren’t gambling away their hard-earned money). Meet, The Three Amigos, actors for the longing running series, “Ben Z. Willy”.

Who Exactly Are The Three Amigos?

While the three of them may have grown up in different backgrounds, the art of acting is what brought them all together. Sapphire, the self-appointed leader, leads her two friends through regular everyday practice. She is the most energetic when it comes to acting. Her high-spirited aura is easily enough to shock the other two into getting into action. According to Curtis, her energy and talkative nature can make her very annoying on some days.

Speaking of Curtis, this fancy feline monster comes from a distinguished line of monsters. As such, the red-haired monster wants everything done a certain way and if one refuses, expect a strongly worded letter within the next day or two. His love for acting comes from his father, a well-known figure in the movie industry of the Monster World.

Finally, there is Jules, a mild manner and shy individual who somehow turns into a completely different monster when it comes to acting. His co-stars have all wanted him to do something about his hair ages ago, but the monster refuses, stating that it gives him a unique look.

Okay, but what is Ben Z. Willy and why is it so popular? Well, the answer to that lies within the next episode of Yolee Tours!

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