Gemini, The Genie

gimini, the genie

Gemini, The Genie

Gemini, The Genie

Gemini, the Genie, was once an evil entity within the world of monsters. Long ago, he was freed from his ancient lamp by an unknown monster and granted his savior three wishes. After using the first two wishes, the monster, feeling generous, decided to use his final wish to free Gemini, on the condition that the Genie changed his life around. Now free, Gemini was unsure what to do… he only knew how to cause chaos for monsters far and wide…

Fast forward a couple of centuries, Gemini, the Genie, is a gym coach/dance instructor! Quite the change in careers.

“I felt like it was my calling,” he had told Yolee, director, producer, and editor of the hit television series “Yolee’s Tour”. “To make up for all the bad I’ve done in my long past, teaching students the art of dancing is what I feel is right. Not to mention my fine training workout programs I’ve put together.”

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Gemini’s Intense Workout!

The Genie’s training program has shown tremendous results for those willing to put up with his intense workouts! Monsters have been able to get that boost of strength, lasting upwards to two weeks!

Yes, it would seem Gemini, the Genie has gotten his life together for the better. No longer interested in petty wars, Gemini has enjoyed this time of peace.

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