Yolee’s Tour #1: Gil and The Drink Bar

Yolee's Tour #1

Yolee’s Tour #1

“Hi everyone and welcome back to another exciting episode of Yolee’s Tour! Today, we’ll be heading down the block to a small coffee shop named “The Drink Bar”. Originally I thought this was an alcoholic place, but apparently, according to my editor, it’s not? Hm. Enough talk for now, let’s head on down the road and learn more about this place and the owner Gil Yolee’s Tour heading in~!.”

“Bizarre! The Drink Bar appears to have set up shop right next to Coffee Bell-Air! The biggest brand of coffee in the entire Monster World! But why is that? Is Gil the owner making a statement or– Oh! There he is right now! We’ll be sure to ask him that and more burning questions!”



Yolee: “Gil! Thank you for taking time out of your busy day to have this interview!”

Gill: “…and you are?”

Yolee: “…Yolee… I’m the one you called to interview you and your shop…for publicity…don’t you remember…?”

Gill: “O-Oh! Yeah…that… whatdoya wanna know?”

Yolee: “A-ahem… So, you’re Gill, owner of The Drink Bar: A place that serves up coffee! Tells me and my viewers at home, why did you call it The Drink Bar?”

Gill: “I don’t know. First name that popped into my head.”

Yolee: “But you serve coffee and tea… ONLY coffee and tea. Aren’t you concerned that people might pop in and think of this place as a bar?”

Gill: “Yeah, that’s the point.”

Yolee: “Wha-what?”

Gill: “You see that shop right next to mine. Coffee Bell-Air has over 1000 shops in just Marsala City alone. This particular location fired me after they caught me eating danishes. I swore then and there that I would be the better coffee shop and opened my own right next door.”

Yolee: “But…the name?”

Gill: It’s intentionally misleading to get people to come. And by the way, I have a collection of my own mysterious drinks that I would love your viewers to try! If it takes off, I might even create my own brand to rival Bell-Airs!

Gill’s Mysterious Drinks…

Yolee: “B-But that’s insane! You admitted something so tactless on national television! Where are your morals?”

Gill: “It’s just business. This interview is over.”

Yolee: “Wa-wait! …he’s gone. Well, there you have it folks. Gill and the Drink Bar. I don’t know about any of you, but after that, I think I need a drink myself. Until next time, folks! Yolee Tours, signing off.”

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