Nina’s Downtime

nina spends her downtime boxing

Nina Spends Her Downtime Boxing

After work, Nina spends her downtime boxing and blowing off steam. To become one of the strongest monsters in existence, Nina works out every single day, hoping to improve.

Nina’s personality is more “ferocious” compared to Mindy, her best friend, opting for the punch first and ask questions later approach. She often imagines Quote as the punching bag thanks to her hatred for the guy. 

I want to explore my character’s traits and quirks down the line so expect more posts like these in the future. As I had said in the past, Nina’s design was on paper since the year started. Although I honestly don’t remember if it was for a series similar to Quote’s Unremarkable Life or another series, haha.

How do you guys spend your downtime?

So that’s Nina’s Downtime, if you like this drawing, please see my other sketches and designs!

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