Daily Sketches: Magical Animals and Monsters

daily sketch magical animals and monsters

daily sketch magical animals and monstersDaily Sketches: Magical Animals and Monsters

I was lazy last week. Watching mostly Terrace House on Netflix (new season on the 10th by the way!) and played through the Yakuza games on my PS4. I couldn’t muster the energy to write or draw anything after work, so I spent most of my time procrastinating. But today, I had the urge to draw more magical creatures as a continuation from the last sketch I published back at the end of August. So, here we go, Daily Sketches: Magical Animals and Monsters!

I’m really liking where this is going and I’ll definitely be doing more in the future. I’m honestly not sure when as many of you know I do these on the side as work eats away at most of my life. However, I’ll try my best to squeeze in at least one character design in my sketch book.

If you liked these drawings, please be sure to check out the original designs for these characters: Magical Animals, Magical Monsters and Cyrus, The Sunflower Dog! Thank you for reading!

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