Daily Sketch: A Drawing of Magical Animals

Magical Animals

Magical Animals

Daily Sketch: Magical Animals

Today’s sketch comes straight from my sketchbook. During my time at work yesterday, I was extremely bored and a sudden idea popped into my head: “what if I drew a cat in robes?” From then on, it spun into this creation here. I have to say that I’m very proud of this on here. Took me a few hours but it came out better than I originally expected. Tell me what you guys think. So I present you all to another daily sketch, Magical Animals!

I plan on using these designs later in the future, so I would appreciate some support on these characters and maybe even some advice. Though I’m not sure when these characters will come in handy later, but I especially like the rabbit’s design and it would be a shame to discard it. Not sure. What do you all think?


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